Thursday, November 15, 2012

Letter 11/15/12

Hola mi familia y mis amigos!

Can you believe that I am a missionary?! I know, me neither. It is crazy to finally be here. However this first week has helped me to know that there is no place that I would rather be.

Well, first of all, I am sure you all want to hear about my companion. His name is Elder Love. (I kind of thought it was funny, Elder Lightheart and Elder Love). He is from Layton Utah and he is also headed down to Villahermosa Mexico. He is an extremely good soccer player. His record for juggling a soccer ball is 5,432. Average I know. He has a great solo voice too. He is 19 and graduated from Layton High this year. He and I have been getting along pretty well! We already have made several goals from our time here and it has been great.

The rest of my district is fantastic as well.
Elder Jensen (Our district leader)- From: St. George Utah- Mission: Santa Cruz, Bolivia
Elder Bardin- From: Mesa, Arizona- Mission: Santa Cruz, Bolivia
Elder Groneman- From: Salt Lake City, Utah- Mission: Santa Cruz, Bolivia
Elder Nathan- From: San Diego, California- Mission: Santa Cruz, Bolivia
Elder Lowe- From: Las Vegas Nevada- Mission: Spokane Washington
Elder Visker- From: Kansas City, Kansas- Mission: Spokane Washington
Elder Utsch- From: Edmund, Oklahoma- Mission: Spokane Washington
Elder Montierth- From: Mesa, Arizona- Mission: Portland Oregon

I have seen a couple of people from Medford. The first was Elder Bybee. It was great to talk to him for a while. He is very excited to be going to Tennessee this next week. I have only seen him one other time. I was not surprised to see him wearing an Oregon beanie. Unfortunately, neither of us had a camera so no pictures of Elder Bybee. I also got to see Sister Sarah Schwarz. See seems pretty excited about Russia. We only saw each other for a couple seconds but I was happy to see her.

Spanish has been extremely fun! I am picking up the language a lot faster. I can already bear my testimony and give my prayers in Spanish. I have only said a couple of my prayers in English and all the rest have been in Spanish. I can also give the first two discussions in Spanish. I’ve been working hard on that to be able to teach our "investigator" Manuel better. Teaching him is really fun. It helps my Spanish a lot to be teaching him only in the language. I am also working on memorizing the Living Christ in Spanish. Elder Love is having some trouble in the language but I am working hard to help him. I hope that I am being a good help to him. My favorite person to talk in the language with is Elder Lowe. He too has a good grasp of the language and it is fun to have conversations with him in Spanish.

My Favorite part, however, of the MTC has been the spirit that is here. There have been so many times, in fact the spirit is here all of the time. There is no feeling like it. My two favorite spiritual moments so far have been listening to a talk by Elder Holland and going to the temple.

Elder Holland’s talk was a film we watched. It was a fantastic talk. He made many great statements which I would like to share.

"There is no other time in your life where you will be this close to being an apostle of Christ. Never miss an opportunity to be apostolic."

"We are in the company of Peter, James, and John. Nephi, Alma and Moroni."

"There is no other time in your life where you will be so close to real life"

"Come to the edge
 No I'll fall
 Come to the edge
 No I'll fall
 So I came
 And he pushed me
 So I could fly"

The talk was very inspirational After it I was asking, "Can we go teach already?" It was a great experience!

As was the temple. Every Sunday we get to do a Temple walk and we go to the Temple every Monday. Our walk around the temple was great even freezing snow. I love the Provo Temple!

Love all of you! Don't forget to write!
Elder Lightheart

Grandpa Mickelsen leaving Jonny at the MTC

Elder Lightheart and Elder Love

Elder Lightheart's Zone in the MTC
Provo, Utah

Provo Temple

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