Monday, November 26, 2012

Week 2 Letter 11/26/12

Hello Everyone!

Hope you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving! I had a great one myself! We got to hear from Elder Holland today! He basically bore his testimony to us and it was so powerful. He is such a great speaker and I always look forward to hearing from him. We had several other programs throughout the day. We had one where some Elders and Sister acted out the first Thanksgiving. It was really funny. We then watched a video on missions. It showed every single mission out there and it was really great as the Elders all cheered and whooped as their missions came on the screen.

Next we had the opportunity to do a service project. The project was for the Ouelessebougou foundation. This foundation is working on growing the economy and making the health and self-dependence stronger for the people of Ouelessebougou Mali. As a zone we got into an assembly line and made some health kits. As a zone we made 125 kits. The MTC all together was able to make several thousand kits to be sent to the people of Ouelessebougou.

After the service project we went and watched a movie. The movie was the 17 Miracles. It is a movie about the Willie Martin Handcart Company and all of the miracles they experienced it was a great movie.

Probably the best experience of the day was when we listened to the song This is the Christ. I suggest you all listen to the song. It has such a great message. It truly testifies that Christ lives and that he atoned for our sins and was sacrificed on the cross. Especially in this time of Thanksgiving and Christmas we should take a moment to listen to the song and ponder on all that he has done for us.

Other than Thanksgiving nothing much happened this week. Though we did get chewed out for taking some family names to the temple. Apparently we are not supposed to do family names unless they are in our family

The most exciting thing is actually happening this week. 4 of the Elders are leaving this week to the Lima, Peru MTC. It is crazy that they are already leaving. We took a ton of pictures and i will be sending some so you can see them as well!

I just got an address book! Send my mom your addresses so I can have them!

Happy Thanksgiving!
Elder Lightheart

Our District

Las Hermanas

Elder Lightheart and Elder Nathan

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  1. John! You are gifted, your writing,expressions, spellings and thots are welcomed, appreciated and enjoyed. Thanks for beig so good. Loved the pictures.