Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Elder Lightheart arrives at the MTC

Grandpa and Grandma Mickelsen picked Elder Lightheart up at the airport and drove him to Provo.  They had lunch at Olive Garden with his cousins, Andrew Mickelsen and Rachel Davis (with her fiancee, Carlin).  After spending the morning with Grandpa and Grandma, they dropped him off at the MTC.  Grandma said he was ready to go.  He didn't even look back.  Elder Stevens was the missionary who welcomed him.  We'll be excited to find out when he will be leaving.  We should hear from him on Monday. 
Grandma Mickelsen, Elder Lightheart, Andrew Mickelsen,
Rachel Davis, Carlin Cottam, and Grandpa Mickelsen

Grandma Mickelsen and Elder Lightheart at the MTC.

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