Monday, November 5, 2012

Elder Lightheart Open House

We had an open house Sunday evening at our home.  It was Stake Conference so we were able to hold it in the afternoon.  We live amongst such incredible people.  We so appreciate all the support Jonny has received throughout the years from his friends and their families.  We forgot to pull the camera out at the beginning, but here are some of the pictures.  We truly have been blessed living here in Medford.  Thanks to everyone that was able to make it last night and for all your support!
The Lighthearts
LT Hoak and Anna
Landon, Maren, Melissa, and Blake
Elyssa Cannon

Daniel Perry
Chalyse Gillespie and Jim Cloward
Kirstie Hokanson
Blake Muir, Joe Vickery, Bro. Hassell, Daniel Perry, Landon Rawcliffe, and Kenny Pedersen
The Shumways

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