Monday, April 28, 2014

Week 59 Letter April 28, 2014

Just a quick letter right now. Things got a little crazy with the transfers. They decided to do them on Monday instead I am staying in Mirador with Elder Struthers. However, one Elder got stuck so I have to go with him to the offices. I doubt I will have time today to write you all. I am goin to try and get on tomorrow if I have a chance.

Love you all! Talk to you soon!

Elder Lightheart

Monday, April 21, 2014

Week 58 Letter April 21, 2014

Hello Family and Friends!

Another week come and here in Coatzacoalcos. It was another extremely fun and very succesful week.

We did have an extremely fun activity this week. This week was actually the Holy Week here in Mexico as celebrated by the catholic church. So everbody was on Vacation. The church took the opportunity to do FSY this week. FSY invited President Morales to come and so he asked for our help. So we went and gave a class at FSY this week. It was a ton of fun! There were over 1000 young men and women there from all over the mission. We got to see a bunch a people from our past areas and talk with them for a while. It was a little exhausting but a great experience.

This week we had a couple of new investigators in the Church. One was named Jesus and the other Montserrat. It was their first time at church and I could tell that they really liked it. After the services, I asked him what he had learned about during church and he said that he really liked the class that we gifts of the spirit. We talked a little more about them and then I promised him that he could have those gifts, all that he has to do is to be baptized. He acepted a baptismal date for the 17th of May. Montserrat also said that she would be baptized on the 17th. 

Anabella, Mayra and Fredy will all be baptized this Saturday!! We already have the invitacions and program done and a ton of the members are going to go! I will send pictures this upcoming week!

Thanks for all of your support!

Elder Lightheart

Monday, April 14, 2014

Week 57 Letter April 14, 2014

Hello Everybody! Family, Friends, whoevers reading this letter. 

Everthing is going great here in Coatzacoalcos. It was a great week. It cooled down a little which was really nice. We actually went to Villahermosa for two days as well. It was a little hotter in Villahermosa but that was okay because we were inside most of the time because of meetings. It was good to get back to Coatzacoalcos though. 

We went to Villahermosa for a conference with our Mission Presindent. It as a great experience. I really enjoy being able to learn from the Lord´s servants. He talked alot about how the Mission is the changing point in our lives and that the things we do here are what take us to salvation. We also read in First Thessalonians 2 the Chapter heading where it says that the glory of the missionaries is the converts. So the people we convert here in the mission are the glory that we will have in the heavens. It is a cool thought and it has been great to look back at the people that I have helped throughout my mision.

Mayra and Freddy are doing great. We are preparing them for there baptismal service on the 26th of April. This week we went by and went over the baptismal interview questions with them. In that lesson they bore many testimonies of the church. They have a very good understanding that it is the Church of Jesus Christ. They have done a lot of things that have suprised us such as plan a Family Home Evening with a ward member this week! It has been very exciting to see their progress so far. 

This week we also set a baptismal date with Anabela. We are preparing her to be baptised on the 26th as well. We had a great lesson with her this week. We taught her about baptism and the gift of the Holy Ghost. As we taught her how the Holy Ghost talks with us, the Spirit came very strong. The sister that was with us bore her testimony and we then invited her to be baptized. It was a very uplifting experience. Then on Sunday when she came to Church she had a notebook and was taking notes during the classes. I have really enjoyed seeing the change in her until now.

Thanks for all of your support and prayers. I would like you all to know that this Church is true, that this is the Lord´s work, and it has the power to change anyone who enters into it. 

Elder Lightheart

Monday, April 7, 2014

Week 56 Letter April 7, 2014

Hello Family and friends!

This week was a great week as well. The heat continues to get more intense. It has been hovering around 95ish. The good thing though is that we are right next to the ocean. So every evening at around 4 or 5 it cools down pretty nice. It also means that the people give us more to drink and they have given us a lot of water of tamarindo. It is one of my favorites so the heat hasnt been so bad.

We had a lot of learning opportunities this week. On Friday we had a conference with our Mission President. It was a great conference, we focused a lot on prayer and the doctrine of it. We talked about how we pray to our Heveanly Father in the name of Jesus Christ and we recieve our answer through the Holy Ghost. It is a simple doctrine but many do not understand it or how to use it. We have to understand who we are talking to, how it gets there and how we get the response. If we understand this we will be able to recieve the answers and blessings we are searching for.

General Conference was also a great learning opportunity. It was great to listen to the prophets and apostles voice again and see all of the people there to learn. My favorite experience was with Pedro. I talked with him a while before the conference and then he kept telling me how excited he was to listen to the prophet. Mayra and Freddy also came to the conference. They told us how they were really praying and preparing for baptism. We were not able to work as much this week but  it was great to be able to learn together from our general authorities.

This week we will be going to Villahermosa for another conference with our president. It will be great to be with our mission president again. 

Until next week!

Elder Lightheart