Monday, November 19, 2012

Week 1 Letter 11/19/12

Hello Everybody,

Here comes another week here at the MTC. It’s been extremely busy but extremely fast. The days seem to pass by faster and faster. This week feels so fast compared to last week. I kept telling my companion that last Wednesday and Thursday feel about as fast as this entire week!

We are no longer the new missionaries in our zone! We had some new missionaries come into our zone just this Wednesday. Now we have been getting to learn the names of ten more missionaries. Luckily I can always get elder right. One of them, Elder Sepe, looks like he is part of the Blue family. I’ll have to send you a picture later.

We have such a great district. Everyone is such a great example to me. All of us have firm testimonies and are all excited to teach the gospel. Elder Lowe is a great example for all the trials he has been through. He has Chrome's disease but I never hear him complain about it. He is also an amazing singer and should be getting a letter today from the Glee project. Elder Visker, his companion, is another great example. He has such a firm testimony and work ethic. It is so great to talk with him about the things of the gospel. Elder Gronemann is an amazing piano player. He played accompaniment for Elder Lowe and it was gorgeous. I wish I could hear him play a solo. Elder Utcsh has such a great knowledge of the doctrine and such a magnificent way of speaking. He uses words I don't know when he is speaking English. Elder Montierth has such a great testimony. I always love hearing him give it to us. Elder Jensen is a great leader for us. He was definitely the best one of us for the task. He has done a great job. Elder Binder has such humility and kindness. He always has a way of making you feel better about yourself. And last but not least is Elder Nathan. He brings such a joy into our district. He jokes quite a lot but he always puts a smile onto my face.

Elder Love has been such a great companion. I am grateful I have the chance to get to know him and share this wonderful experience with him. It will be so great to be able to share the experience of serving in Villahermosa.

The Spanish continues to be so fun. I love speaking the language. I can tell that I learn more and more each day. I have learned so much over the past couple weeks and look forward to learning more and more. It is really fun to pray in Spanish. It teaches me a lot of words I would like to learn. Probably my favorite part of praying in Spanish is addressing God in the “tu” form. It shows that we really do have a good relationship with God and that he really does know each of us personally. If anyone wants me to write them in Spanish I would love to try! Just let me know.

This week is Thanksgiving! We get to have a special day here at the MTC! I am looking forward to it. We get to spend a lot of the day serving and at the end we are having a fireside by one of the 12! I cannot wait to write home about it.

This Sunday we had another great spiritual day. The firesides and films are such great opportunities to learn how to be a better missionary.

The fireside was by Brother Bruce McIff. He is one of the counselors in the MTC presidency. He taught us how we can be more healthy on our missions. At first I was not sure how much I would like it but i ended up learning a lot from his talk. He taught us that to be able to serve without being affected by health issues we need to do:

1 Decrease stress: He taught us to use breathing exercises with I am interested to try out.
2 Decrease injuries: He taught us that we need to mostly be careful as we exercise and as President Hinckley said "Don't do anything stupid"
3 Decrease infectious disease rate: He told us to keep up cleanliness, exercise and to wash our hands often.

He also taught us the best way to stay healthy by being Obedient to mission rules, following the health program, serving others, lift and build others, and choose to be happy.

The film we watched was very inspirational as well. It was by David A Bednar entitled Character of Christ. He taught as that because of his character he was able to suffer for us. He taught us that his character was to turn out to others when the natural man would turn in. He taught us that we can start to receive this character by continuing to be converted to him.

I love it here at the MTC! I hope you are all doing well!

Until next week,
Elder Lightheart

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