Monday, October 27, 2014

Week 85 Letter October 27, 2014

Happy Birthday to me!

That’s right. I am officially 21 years old.  It was a lot of fun to celebrate my birthday with the people here.  My Bishop put on a surprise party for me.  I also celebrated my birthday with another sister who also has her birthday on the 24th.  So, I got two cakes. Also, my Bishop shoved my face into the first one, so I’m kind of all caked out. 

Well, despite the festivities we were able to keep working hard.  Cool story of the week comes with a new investigator.  On Monday, on the way home from shopping we talked with our taxi driver and he said that we could go by and visit him.  So we went by his house and somebody who we had never seen before. I expected him to ask us what we wanted or who we were looking for, but instead, he said, “Come on in guys” in English, so we started teaching him.

His name is David.  We had a short lesson with him and gave him a Book of Mormon.  We came back later in the week and he told us about how he had read and got really peaceful and concentrated. It was a great lesson as we were able to tell him that he had felt the Spirit.  Unfortunately, he was not able to come to church on Sunday for work but he told us that he is going to look for other work so he will have more time on Sundays.  He is a great example.

Morgan is doing great as well.  He was interviewed on Sunday and is ready! We are going to wait until the 8th so his parents can go.  He is really excited for it.  We taught him yesterday about temple work.  He committed to go to the temple for the second week of December!!

Well the work is going great!

Thanks for everything!

Elder Lightheart 

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