Monday, October 6, 2014

Week 82 Letter October 6, 2014

Hello Again!

Wow, it’s October already.  Another General Conference has already passed and another birthday is coming up soon. Time is starting to fly by.

We had another really great busy week. Even though Elder Peterson and I both have quite a bit of time in the mission, we are both learning a lot from each other. It has been a fun learning experience.  Transfers are next week, so we will see what happens. 

The good news is we will have another baptism on Saturday! Luis is really excited and we are too.  He is actually Jonathan’s neighbor.  Both he and Jonathan are referrals from Brother Robles.  He has been a great help to us so far.  He really understands what it means to be a member missionary.

We are also preparing another young woman named Joselin to get baptized.  She is living with an inactive member named Eduardo. We went over to visit them for the first time on Monday.  We got there and Eduardo starts telling us their goals, which are:
1, Get married
2. Have Joselin get baptized
3. Be active for a year
4. Get sealed
Luckily we can help them accomplish all of those things. We have their marriage planned for next Friday and her baptism for the 25th of October!

My favorite part of the week by far was General Conference. We had a lot of great experience with it. On Friday, we went and taught the seminary class about prophets. Only Ana
Gabriel and Juan were there.  Ana Gabriel got really excited.  She took us to teach it to her nonmember parents and also her boyfriend.  She went to all of General Conference (she hadn’t been before) and brought her boyfriend, Morgan as well.  Afterward, he came up to us and told us, “I am pretty busy in my life right now, but one day, not to distant, I can see myself joining this church!”

My favorite talk was probably Henry B. Eyring’s.  Thanks Mom and Dad for the truths you taught me as a boy. I am now going and doing “the things which the Lord has commanded” and much of the thanks goes to you!

Until Next Week,

Elder Lightheart
District Conference

Practicing is important

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