Monday, November 3, 2014

Week 86 Letter November 3, 2014

Happy Day of the Dead!

We had a pretty fun time with this Mexican Holiday.  On Saturday and Sunday we went to the graveyards close by and talked to people about the plan of salvation and showed the movie, “Thanks to Him.” We also helped people out as they cleaned the graves of people’s loved ones.  It was great to be able to bring our message of hope to those people in need.

Morgan is doing awesome.  He is more than prepared for his baptism.  This week, he committed to receiving a calling, prepare to enter the temple, and serve a mission in a year.  Yesterday we asked him if he had any questions for us before his baptism.  He asked, “What are your suggestions to me so that I can study the Book of Mormon and the Bible together?’ I am excited because he asked me to baptize him.  His baptism will be on Saturday. 

One of the great parts of teaching Morgan has been the conversion of the member who gave us the referral.  Before, she (Ana) would go to church about once a month.  Now she, too, is preparing to serve a mission.  On Sunday, she and Morgan both bore their testimonies.  It was really cool for us to see.

This week, we also put another baptismal date with a sister named Lorena.  She is the granddaughter of Sister Edna.  She has gone to church twice recently but went a lot with her grandma when she was younger.  She knows quite a bit about the Church and we set her date for the 15th of November.  It is not super for sure yet but she will probably get baptized here soon.

Well, things are going great here in Minatitlan!  Thanks for everything.

Elder Lightheart 

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