Monday, November 17, 2014

Week 88 Letter November 17, 2014

Hello Family and Friends,

Another week and another baptism! Lorena was baptized this week. It was great to see her family so happy. Her grandmother, Sister Enna, was recently diagnosed with cancer and it has really taken its toll on the family and on Sister Enna. It was really great to see how the baptism pulled them together and gave them joy in hard times.

It was also great to see how the gospel was able to help and change Lorena. She told us that before we started teaching her that she had felt alone and was not very self-confident. The gospel was able to help her overcome those feelings and give her real purpose in life.

We are going to have another baptism, this week as well. Montserrat is really excited to get baptized. She told us yesterday that she wants Brother Robles to baptize her; it was what we were thinking anyway. The ward is getting really excited as well now that this will be three straight weeks with a baptism! The Bishop keeps telling us that he doesn’t want us to leave. It is great to have such a great relationship with the leaders here in our ward. It really builds the success and helps us to carry out the work of salvation.

Morgan is doing fantastic. He actually went to a YSA activity this weekend. In church, the Bishop shared with the ward about how Morgan had told him how that what the most looks forward to is the church activities during the week.  I can see that he really seeks out the Spirit and joys in its presence. He has taught me a lot.

We had a Zone Conference with President Morales this week. Receiving his council always helps me to improve. Even though I would be considered an “experienced missionary” by this point, I still have much more to learn. Not because I lack knowledge but because this work and gospel is all about that, PROGRESS. As Elder Peterson and I have focused on what we need to change, the Lord has truly started doing his work through us.

Thanks for everything!

Elder Lightheart

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