Monday, December 1, 2014

Week 90 Letter December 1, 2014

Hello Everyone!

Happy December! Can’t believe that November is already gone. It went by really fast for us. It was a really good month though. And I am really excited for December.

So Wilber and Wilber are doing super well.  They actually came to the Priesthood Preview this week and Wilber, Jr. participated in the program. The Stake President had him saying the closing prayer. President Trejo actually thought that he was a member! They have really made the church theirs. Everything seems to be progressing well towards their date for the 13th of December.

This week has been really fun because of the new initiative the Church has called, “He is the Gift.” I imagine you have already heard about it. If you haven’t seen it and/or shared it on Facebook, go do so right now! This is a great opportunity to remind everyone of Christ in this important time of Christmas.

We have had a lot of success sharing this movie so far.  A lot of people are really interested in seeing it.  We have a couple of activities planned in the stake and with the ward to get more people to know about this video. I hope all of Minatitlan can see the video.

Elder Pugmire and I have been having a lot of fun and success together. So far I was pretty confident when I heard that we were going to be companions that we were going to have a great transfer together. I am super excited for the work we will do together.

Morgan continues to be a stud. He is probably the most active youth in our ward. I can’t believe that he has only been a member for only three weeks. Great example of faith.

Thanks for all of you support!

Elder Lightheart

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