Monday, February 24, 2014

Week 50 Letter February 24, 2014

Hello Everybody!

I had a great week here in Mexico. It is starting to get hot down here but I am pretty much used to it know which is the good thing. Also here in Coatzacoalcos the wind is really helpful. Every evening there is always a nice breeze which makes it much more comfortable.

This week we taught Pedro alot this week. He is really excited to b baptized. He has been asking a lot how it is going to be. We will be baptizing him the 8th of March. I am very excited for him. This week, one day as we entered the house he told another brother who was with us that you could say that he is Mormon already! 

We are also going to be baptizing Sugey the 8th of March. We taught her the Plan of Salvation this week. It is always great to be able to teach to families the Plan of Salvation. Especially inviting them to be baptized in that lesson. It is like inviting them to live together forever. We also taught her about fasting and she said that she is going to fast this Sunday!

Well those two baptisms are going to be part of a Stake Activity `bautizabado.` Baptisaturday I guess it would be. We are going to have about 12 baptisms that day. It will be a great experience to see all of them take part of that sacred covenant together. I am glad that two of the people that I was able to teach will be baptized that day. 

This week we are going to super busy. Elder Valenzuela, one of the Area Presidents here in Mexico, is coming this week and we are going to have 3 meetings with him. Two of them will be in Minatitlan which is about 30 minutes away but the other will be in Villahermosa on Saturday. I am very excited to learn from him this week. It is always great to learn from the general authorities.

Well thats all for know! Until next week!

Elder Lightheart

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