Monday, February 10, 2014

Week 48 Letter February 10, 2014

Hello Everyone!

Hope you all had a good week this week! I sure did. My new area is fantastic! The bishop and ward mission leader are a great help to us already. Without them I dont know where we would be. Elder Alvarez is also new to this area so when we got here we did not know anything. Basically we only knew where the house was. The first day was a little hard. We used a little map to get around. But Wednesday the Bishop and Ward mission Leader went out and did visits with us. It was great. We were albe to get to know almost all the members and investigators of the area in just one week. The only bad thing so far is that our bishop left on vacation!

We already have a couple of baptisms planned. One is for an older man named Pedro. He is a great investigator. So far we were only able to have two lessons with him. We focused on who is god and what are prophets. In the second lesson we asked him if he would pray to know if the Church was true. He told us then that he did not doubt that it was true that in fact he knew that it was true! We are very excited for him and invited him to go to church. It was a little difficult because he is in a wheelchair. He told us that he did not really want to be out of the house to long. But when he got there I could tell that he felt the spirit and the love of the members for him. 

The Church is really such a special place. Sometimes we forget because we go every week but it is the house of the Lord. The Spirit is always there. If we pay attention the Spirit will be able to talk to us. Our questions can be answered and our spirit filled.

We are also preparing another investigator named Sujei to be baptized. She is from a member family and is going to be baptized on her birthday the 8th of march. Her 3 siblings were baptized in November but she wanted to wait to be baptized with her dad. Her dad still has not accepted a date yet but we are working on that. 

Elder Alvarez and I have been having a great time together! He is a great companion and I have already learned a lot from him. We have spent pretty much the whole time laughing and smiling.

Well I hope you are all doing well!
Hasta Luego
Elder Lightheart
Elder Alvarez

Elder Lightheart (I hope your ankle is still holding up)

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