Monday, October 21, 2013

Week 32 Letter October 21, 2013

Hello everybody!! 

Hope you are all doing fantastic!! Everything is going great down here!! 

Well in case you didn't know, I'm going to have a birthday this week!! I'm not sure who’s most excited: my family, the people here, or me? Who knows. The people here are awesome!! One of them has already promised me a cake!! And her cakes are AMAZING. I am excited for that. Oscar wants me to by him food on Thursday... We will see about that.

Well in the next two weeks we should be having a couple of baptisms. We have one with a nine-year-old kid and later with a family of five! I am super excited for them and it should be a great couple of weeks with all them.

We also started teaching two new families this week! They are both awesome as well. One of them is just a couple. They are really excited to learn and so far it has been way fun teaching them. The other family is enormous!! There are like 20 people to teach in the house! It will be great teaching them as a family.

Well that's all for now!! Hope everything is great for all of you
Elder Lightheart

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