Monday, July 28, 2014

Week 72 Letter July 28, 2014

Hello Again!

Hope that all of you had a great week! Shout out to Sister Lightheart who now has two months in the mission! I have a lot of fun telling people that I have a sister in the field.  Keep on working hard, Sis!

It’s nothing to compare with my companion though.  He actually has two siblings in the mission: a sister in Chile and a brother in Oaxaca.  It is awesome to see how the Lord is hastening the work.  It has been fun serving with Elder Castañeda.  So far, he is a bit more serious than Elder Struthers, but we still get along really well.  He is a great worker and a great teacher.

We had a really good week, even though everyone is on vacation.  We spent a lot of time knocking on people’s doors and having them not be there.  Despite that, we had a lot of lessons. The best part was that we now have an interview set with Arturo for next week! He had been feeling a bit unsure about his baptism but we helped him to realize that he is ready and that he has already made the necessary changes. 

Paul and his family continue to be great.  They were definitely prepared to listen to the gospel.  They were one of those people who searched for the truth but knew not where to find it.  They are really excited about learning more.  My favorite is his son, Angelo. In four days, he read eleven chapters in the Book of Mormon.  He is only 8! He did understand it about like an 8-year-old, but he loves it.  His daughter, Jahanna, is already eager to learn and is really attentive to the Spirit.  Hopefully, we will be able to baptize them by the end of the month.

We have a ton of investigators right now.  It is so much fun to be running all over the place teaching them!

Thanks for all of your help!

Elder Lightheart

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