Monday, January 6, 2014

Week 43 Letter January 6, 2014

Hello everyone!
Hope that you are all doing great in this New Year! 2014 already! No way. Hope you have all had a good one so far. 

This week was rather weird. It was hard because no one was home. It was strange to not have anyone around. We were the only ones in the street which is really weird for Mexico. The holidays are really different here. New Years is more celebrated than Christmas. They also have another day that they celebrate which is actually today! Happy Three Kings Day everybody.

The tradition for this day is that the people eat rosco de reyes. It’s a bread that they put some little dolls in. And if you take the piece with doll you have to make the tamales. I have had 3 pieces so far and I already took out two dolls. Not a big fan so far of rosco de reyes. Though it does taste pretty good. 

Well hope you are all doing well!
Until next week!
Elder Lightheart

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