Monday, September 23, 2013

Week 27 Letter 9/16/13

Hello Everybody!!

Hope you all are doing really well!! I do not have too much time this week so I will not be able to write too much but I will do what I can!!

We had a really great week actually!! We saw a lot of changes in people that we were not expecting. It helps me remember how much we need to depend on God and not on what we can do. He is preparing the people and we are here to find them and help them learn about the gospel. Without him, we cannot do anything.

One of the changes is in a new investigator from this week. He is a doctor from here in Las Choapas. My companion calls him doctor loco because he is a bit crazy but in a good way. He is really energetic and really excited to learn about the gospel. He told us what he feels is going to happen with three words. Read, Believe, and Make. Read what we give him to read, Believe what we teach him, and Make him a Saint. A Latter day Saint!! We are really excited for him.

Blanca has also been making a lot of progress. She does have an obstacle with her family. It is the only thing impeding her though. She really wants to know if it is true and is reading a lot!! She understands really well too. Because of her family she has not gone to church but we feel that when she does she will really feel the Spirit and know that it is true.

We also had a Noche Mexicana this week. This week was independence day for Mexico so we had an activity in the church. We had a lot of fun!! I really enjoyed being part of the holiday. The members brought a lot of non member friends. All in all it was a great activity.

We also had a lot of people at the church this week!! It was great to see the chapel full. The branch is really changing and I am excited for all of the people here.

Well that is all the time I have
Until next week!
Elder Lightheart

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