Monday, September 23, 2013

9/22/13 Letter from the Mission President

Dear Family:

The most recent meteorological reports about the country show that hurricanes Ingrid and Manuel have caused floods and damaged several States. Nevertheless, no zone of the Mexico Villahermosa Mission, where your son is currently serving, has been harmed. All of the Tabasco state as well as the sectors of Campeche, Chiapas and Veracruz included in the Mission district are safe for missionary work.  

 It has been raining constantly throughout these days, but it is not a risk for the safety of the missionaries. We have been tracking the weather news and we have informed all the missionaries about the circumstances.

The Lord revealed to Prophet Joseph Smith “…if ye are prepared, ye shall not fear” so we had followed His advice. The Mission has security standards that will be applied if necessary. Up to this moment, proselytism will proceed normally although missionaries have taken precautions.

 We all are serving our Savior and we trust He will protect us always because we are working for the salvation of souls. We thank you for your prayers and we invite you to keep praying for the missionaries. We will inform you if the instructions change.


Pres. Israel Morales GutiƩrrez

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