Monday, July 15, 2013

Week 18 Letter 7/15/13

Espero que todas esten bien!! Estoy muy animado que tengo este oportunidad para servir y que puedo compartir todo de mis experiencias con ustedes!

Well we had a really good week this week and taught a lot of different people this week. First of all, Sofia and Christian are doing really well. It has been great to see that they are continuing to be active and coming unto Christ. This week we are going to make a goal with them for their sealing in the temple!!

We also found another Less-active member who seems very excited to go back to church. His name is Ruiz and he drives an ambulance. He has been working every Sunday for a while now but just got off last Sunday. We have a lesson with him this Saturday and he seems excited to come back to church.

One of our new investigators this week is another wife to a member. Her name is Monzarat and she is married to Limon. She has been to church the last couple of weeks and she really likes it. She seems excited to be taking the lessons and it is really helping her husband as well.

We are teaching a lot of spouses to members. Another one that we are working with is named Deisi. She is very ready to learn. It is great to teach her because she always asks a lot of questions. It´s good because we know that she understands most or all of what we are teaching.

We are also teaching a really awesome family. The Campos family. They are the cousins of Leo Lara. They are really great and seem to be super excited to go to church. They are extremely nice and really like having us over.

In fact, this week they gave us a BBQ!! It was good to have a little bit of American food for once. The one problem is that they gave us a ton of food. Plate after plate after plate. At least it was good though.

I also went to Villahermosa this week. It is a long trip. 4 hours each way. I had to go and sign some papers and give my fingerprints so that I can get my visa. Easy and long, but necessary.

Well everything is going great here in Mexico!!
Elder Lightheart

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