Monday, July 1, 2013

Week 16 Letter 7/1/13

Hello Everybody!!!

Hope everyone is well and if not know that you are in my prayers!!

First of all I had my first baptism this week!! It was such a great experience but it sure was crazy. So we had been teaching Sofia for a little while but had not been able to teach her a lot because she had a child about 2 weeks ago. Well anyway, Saturday morning we got a call from her mother-in-law and she told us that Sofia was ready to be baptized and that she wanted the baptism to be at six. Wow!! It was crazy the rest of the day. Sofia had not been to church enough times so we had to get special permission from President Casteñeda. We spent 5 or 6 hours trying to figure out if she could be baptized. Finally around 4 we finally had a yes. 

From there it got even more crazy. We had to go fill the font first and that took about 2 hours. Then we realized that I did not have my clothes to perform the baptism so we hurried to the house and grabbed my clothes. Then after we got back to the church we started to look for the baptismal clothing for Sofia and then Elder Montañes realized that they were back at the house so we hurried back... and forgot the keys at the church. So our ward mission leader had to bring them to us.

But after all that Sofia was baptized on Saturday the 29th of June and confirmed a member the next day.

We almost had another baptism this week as well. Gloria is the mother-in-law of one of the members in the ward and she actually had her interview this week. However she and the president of the branch decided that she should wait. We will keep teaching her and she said that in two weeks she thinks she will be ready.

Anai is continuing to progress and she as well should be able to be baptized in about two or three weeks!!

Well I had a little miracle happen this week. During the week we were at the church waiting for the president Rivera playing a little soccer. Some other kids came and played for a little while with us and while we were playing I took off my watch. Then we left for another appointment. I then realized that I didn´t have my watch. We headed back to the church by then someone had taken it. The watch is a little important to me because it was a gift from my dad. I was a little disappointed that I had lost it. That night I prayed and asked the Lord if he could help me get it back. 

On Sunday I was playing the prelude music and Elder Montañes was talking with some of the members. Then in the middle of it all he waved me over to talk to Freddy. Turns out he had my watch! He bought it from whoever had stolen it and so I was able to get it back for just 300 pesos. It was great to have the Lord answer my little prayer like that. 

So Elder Montañes has been teaching me to play soccer. In some of the extra time we have he has been showing me how to play. It has been really fun and I have already bought a Mexico soccer Jersey!

Well that´s all for now!
Love you all!!
Elder Lightheart

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