Friday, July 6, 2012

Where will Jonny go on his mission?

Anna: France
Maren: Chile
Brian: Australia
Scotty: Uganda
Emily: Africa
Mom: Colombia Bogota
Dad: Argentina Buenos Aires East
L.T.: Russia
Uncle Keith: Chile
Jonny: Nicaragua

Grandpa: Manaus Brazil
Grandma: Pocatello Idaho

Andrew: Tallahassee Florida (second choice, India)
Michelle: Australia
Sam: Mexico City
Brandon: Tennessee

Don: Spain
Cathy: Alabama
Ross: Omaha Nebraska
Whitney: Holland
Jake: Texas
Chelsea: Chile
Rosalie: California (Spanish speaking)
Jake and Chelsea's unborn baby: The North Pole (he'll have to learn the "HO! HO! HO!" language)
Logan: Ukraine
Krystle: Brazil
Jean: North Korea

Leanne: Argentina

Paul: Argentina
Sarah: Guatemala
Julia: California

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  1. This is a wonderful/smart way to keep his journal of expressions and pictures. We are all most grateful and happy for the Lord's Love. Jon you are ours also and we are blessed. GM