Friday, July 6, 2012

Mexico Villahermosa Mission

Jonny received his mission call yesterday. He will be serving in the Mexico Villahermosa Mission. He leaves on November 7th. He turns 19 on October 24th, so the timing is great. He was accepted to BYU Utah but was waiting for his call to determine whether he would attend a semester or not. He will defer his schooling until after his mission.
Jonny is spending six weeks in Idaho working on my father's farm. It has been a great experience for him. Therefore, he was in Idaho when he received his call. One of the great things is that my parent's spent about eight years in Mexico in the area presidency and have been to Villahermosa. Jonny has lots of questions for them.

He opened his letter over skype.  In our home, we had the five other children here as well as one of Jon's friends (L.T. Hoak), his foreign exchange student from France, and Uncle Keith.  In Idaho, there was plenty of family there: Grandpa and Grandma Mickelsen, Don and Cathy, Ross and Whitney, Krystle, Andrew, Michelle, Sam, Paul and Sarah, Julia, and Lily.  His friend Brandon from work was there. Jean was also there on facetime. 

I don't think there could be a more perfect place for Jonny to go.  I am again grateful for the Lord's hand in our lives and the blessings we receive.  It has been such a great experience for our family already.  I can't imagine the blessings we will yet receive as Jonny devotes his full time and energy to the building up of the kingdom here on the earth.  Thank you Jonny for being willing and able to do so.


  1. Hey elder, I got called o the same mission! I leave on August 15!

  2. We loved being there to watch Jonny open his call! Grandma checked the mailbox every day about 5 times and when it finally arrived I couldn't believe Jonny STAYED AT WORK. Grandma had to hide it so we wouldn't peek, but we were just thrilled to see your fine young man and his excitement for his mission. We can't wait to hear about his experiences!

  3. I was just called to this mission yesterday, I leave on March 6th.