Monday, May 5, 2014

Week 60 Letter May 5, 2014

Hello Everyone!

Happy 5 de Mayo! Hope you are all having a good one! It has been a fun one down here so far!

Sorry for not writing last week! I kind of got a little busy, I was helping out the President quite a bit. I had to go to Villahermosa twice and both times and short notice. It was a great week despite being a little rushed all week.

I was not able to tell you last week but we had three baptisms!!! Two Saturdays ago on the 26th of April we baptized Mayra, Fredy and Anabela. We actually had two seperate baptismal services. We baptized Mayra and Fredy first. Elder Struthers and I had the opportunity to do the ordanance for them. It was a great service. We had lot of members there and they were all really excited to accept them into the ward. Probably the best part was when Mayra bore her testimony at the end of the baptism. She is so happy to be a member of the church. The change in this couple really amazed me and I am glad that I was able to be a part of their conversion. 

Anabela´s baptism was also great. Her boyfriend Edgar came to do the baptism to do the ordanance and brought most of his family. It was great to have the chapel full for both of the a baptisms but with all different people. Anabela´s sister, Nadxiely also came to the baptism. It was a great experince for the two of them. Anabela for her baptism and for Nadxiely as she was able to feel the spirit. We are now teaching her and she will hopefully be baptised soon.

Well this Sunday was a little crazy because we had change in bishop. Hermano Fred just became our bishop. It made church rather busy but we are very excited to work with him as our Bishop. We know that we will have a lot of success with him as our bishop.

Thanks for all your prayers!

Elder Lightheart

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