Thursday, November 21, 2013

Week 36 Letter November 18, 2013

Hello Everybody!

We had a pretty crazy time this week. It was way fun though

Well first of all we had another baptism this week!! I told you that we were going to have it already. Well it went very well. His uncle Antonio baptized him and Elder Galicia confirmed him. Nefi was super excited for the baptism. It´s great that he finally got baptized. I’m glad that I was able to be a part of his baptism.

Like I said this week was crazy. It pretty much rained all week long. Also it started to flood and it got pretty bad. Everybody is leaving their houses and the military came to help out. I think it was on the news here in Mexico. The good thing is that we aren´t near the flooding. We did spend three days this week helping people out with the flooding. It was good to be able to do a lot service this week but it was weird to not do as much proselyting. 

With the service we had a lot of opportunities to teach new people. We are starting to teach 4 new families this week and we are very excited for them. They are all very interested in the church and 2 of them already have family members in the church.

Well that’s all for this week!
I hope that everybody is doing well!
Hasta Luego

Elder Lightheart

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