Monday, January 7, 2013

Phone call 1/4/13

We received a quick phone call from Elder Lightheart to inform us about his change in assignments and let us know when he would be able to talk on Monday (He wasn't able to call us on Monday so we were so glad to hear from him on the 14th).  He was so excited to leave to California.  It was so neat hearing the joy in his voice.  He got to say hello to all the kids that were home real quick (including Haley Palmer).  He should be in California for about six weeks and then he is supposed to return to Salt Lake to get his visa and then go down to Mexico.  So hopefully by the middle of February he will be on his way.  It is so neat seeing and feeling the blessing of having a child serve a full time mission!  Thank you, Jonny for making that possible.

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